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We’re working together on a plan for the future of Parkrose!

The greater Parkrose neighborhood is a diverse part of Portland, with a high population of communities of color. There are many community assets in Parkrose, including a thriving school district and local organizations and businesses. Some community concerns in the area include rising rents, the need for more living-wage jobs for students and their parents, unsafe conditions on Sandy boulevard, the need for community gathering places, and a disaster preparedness plan for marginalized communities. These long-standing issues impact historically marginalized groups the most. With the support of the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and the Oregon Department of Transportation, Historic Parkrose NPI will create the Parkrose Community Plan with underserved groups to address these community concerns.

Some Facts

The Parkrose area has historically mirrored East Portland demographics, with a population that is more diverse, has more families, and is less wealthy than the city as a whole. With major shifts citywide from a working-class to middle-class city, Parkrose is increasingly following citywide trends. Around 2015, families in the Parkrose School District started getting displaced from the area. Similarly, based on 2010 to 2019 census data, the population of communities of color fell from 43 percent to 35 percent of the area’s population, with a 36 percent drop in the numbers of children and youth in the area. As lower-income families have been uprooted from the neighborhood, there’s also been an increase in homeowners versus renters. Parkrose home prices have increased faster over the past 10 years than the city as a whole, with the median single-family home price in the area rising 68 percent between 2010 and 2020 (compared to a 56 percent increase citywide). As housing costs are usually the highest household budget item, overall city rent increases impact working poor communities, which most impact historically marginalized communities of color.

What’s Happening and How to Get Involved

Historic Parkrose has been working with Parkrose community members to learn about the community’s concerns and ideas for solutions, with a focus on communities of color, who have often been most impacted by changes but least involved in past plans. These community engagement activities include:

  • Youth workshops held from March through May of 2021

  • Community workshops being held from May through June of 2021

  • Parkrose Film Screening highlighting the art and aspirations of homeless youth

  • Parkrose Community Plan Public Open House

  • Parkrose Community Plan Online Survey/Feedback

The Parkrose Community Plan is being led by Historic Parkrose in partnership with the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, the Bureau of Transportation, and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability website:

Oregon Department of Transportation: